We have launched of the ROPsy Database platform

In accordance with the project implementation plan, Partner 3 (Department of of Theoretical and Computational Physics, Babeș-Bolyai University) built the ROPsy Database platform, which is used for theoretical modeling studies, and their visualization. The databases can be accessed by all project partners on the following website: https://atom.ubbcluj.ro/ropsy-data. The data is organized in both XLSX (Excel) and CSV (coma separated data) format for easier use. Each section includes a description of the data files and abbreviations used in the tables. The platform comprises three types of data: cross-sectional data, longitudinal data and data related to adjacency matrices for 41 Romanian counties and the Municipality of Bucharest. The cross-sectional data contains psychological and socio-economic-geographical data obtained in the project in the during 2019-2020. The dataset contains data for 134 indicators. The longitudinal dataset comprises socio-economic data for each county, measured over a long period of time, allowing to study the dynamics of inequality indices, respectively the temporal correlations between the relevant indicators. Finally, the matrix allows researchers to detect clustering patterns between counties based on the similarity between variables of interest.

ROPsy Database platform landing page
Examples of clustering data obtained from the cross-sectional database for different p-values (thershold values) and different selected indicators

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