Deliverable 1 

The overall objective of the project is to analyse spatial-temporal developmental inequalities and polarisation in relation to psychological characteristics on the territory of Romania. The premise behind the project is that the patterns of geographical distribution of psychological characteristics underlie the observable differences in the political, economic, social, and health indicators (PESH) between different psychological and physical regions of the country. More specifically, these psychological variables act as mechanisms involved in generating the individual level behaviours, which in turn are expressed in terms of macro-PESH indicators. The project will analyse these relationships in a trans-disciplinary fashion, integrating psychological features with socio-economic disparities.

The objectives of the first phase of the project are the following:

(1) the documentation of the psychological, geographical, social, and economic variables related to socio-economic disparities and polarizations;

(2) the selection and preparation of the measurement instruments used for data collection;

(3) the dissemination of the project (at this stage through this website, which will provide a platform for the dissemination of future scientific results).

The first deliverable (available in Romanian language) contains a synthesis of the relevant scientific literature in the field of (1) psychology, (2) geography, (3) political sciences, (4) econophysics, and (5) economy as well as a selection of the indicators included in the data collection process that will take place in the next stages of the project.